Urban Wildlife

by Blanket Truth

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This is the second and final full length album by Blanket Truth.
Thank you for listening !!!


released September 1, 2012


Jon Manning - vocals, baritone ukulele, soprano ukulele, melodica, keyboard
Eli Damm - vocal percussion, whistling, sound effects, backing vocals
Shelby Turner - bass guitar
Tory Fiterre - keyboard, piano, banjo
Clyde Petersen - electric guitar
Niko Stathakopoulos - singing saw
Laine Keniston - xylophone
Stephen Steinbrink - sample on "Bubble Up"

Group vocals -
Chris Mcfarlane, Eli Damm, Jenna Howes, Shelby Turner,
Sunny Sealeopard, and Tory Fiterre

Guest vocals -
Rosie Melberg ("Friendly Haunted Mansion", "Bubble Up")
Laine Keniston ("Friendly Haunted Mansion", "Be Good", "Days Of The
Week", "Bubble Up")
David Rivas ("Bubble Up")


Released by Lost Sound Tapes catalog number LST-43 CD

Recorded and mixed by Tory Fiterre in my bedroom
at Mansion Impossible Aug 1st, 2012 through Aug 10th, 2012
on a "digital piece of garbage"

Mastered by Chris Hanzsek (hanzsekav.com)

Artwork by Nick Shively (nickshively.blogspot.com)


Jon Manning - blankettruth@gmail.com
1122 E Pike St PMB 1400 / Seattle, WA 98122 / USA




Blanket Truth Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Friendly Haunted Mansion
In the friendly haunted mansion we will shout
songs in the stairwell
In the friendly haunted mansion we will summon
ghosts in the living room
We will summon spirits, we will shout along

Do the cars down there know we're playing on the roof?
Can you see the Herald building sign from Indianapolis?

Up on the roof...
Track Name: What's Up Now
I wake up with the sun these days
I clean the kitchen every day
I'm learning how to cook
I'm learning about spices, hey!

I'm having trouble writing songs
but I love to play all day
I'd love to play a song for you
I'd love to play you all of my songs

What are you up to now?
Track Name: Be Good
Sometimes I think I'm a bad band
But I try to be a good man

Be good, be good, be good, be good
Think about what you're doing
Be aware, be aware, be aware, be aware
Of other people's feelings

I may not be seeing as a party guy
But I still like to have good times

Track Name: Days Of The Week
Sunday is a good day to catch up with friends
Monday is time to go to work again

On Tuesday there's never much quite happening
Wednesday they call that the hump day

Thursday is almost to the weekend and
Friday, tomorrow we can sleep in

On Saturday things are a little crazy and
in the morning things are a little hazy
It's been quite a week
Let's share stories
Track Name: Hide Yourself
Hide yourself in a photograph
if you wanna split in half
Is it reality or is it fantasy?
Putting on the striped shirt

Hide yourself
Track Name: Clumsy
I'm figuring out where to begin
To end this clumsy phase that I'm in

Tripping over my feet again
Knocking dishes on the floor
Bumping into a table
Crashing my bike into a bush

I'm figuring out where to begin
To end this clumsy phase that I'm in

Spilling drinks on the ground
Eating someone else's food
Calling you by the wrong name
Sleeping it is now a game
Track Name: What Do I Do
What do I do if I get what I want?

I'm afraid of success but what comes next?

Hey, it could be great, opportunities could generate

How do you measure success anyway?
Track Name: Do You Realize
Do you realize
That the cleanness of your hair relates to your happiness?
Do you realize
That the more time you spend outside, the more you'll feel alive?

You have to strike a balance with yourself

Do you realize
That when you do the dishes the whole kitchen looks cleaner?
Do you realize
That not eating food is not a good way to get leaner?

You have to strike a balance with yourself
Track Name: Red Hat
I wear a red hat
Because a movie, because Bill Murray
It helps me keep safe at night
It helps my friends find me in crowds

But the point is not to look like Waldo...

Waldo being read by Werner Herzog
Track Name: Stubbornness
Flowers in the sink
Tapes all over the floor
Christmas lights I'll miss
but I've gotta ditch the stubbornness

I get hurt when things don't go my way
but I've gotta learn that it's okay
Communication it goes both ways
and stubbornness it ends today
Track Name: Bubble Up
Lately I've been feeling, feeling wild
Stephen said, "that might be good" (being wild can be good)

It's the friend that you haven't seen
In a long, long, long, long time
You've got so much to say
1,000 feelings to convey
But it doesn't bubble up until you're walking away

Let the goodness (bubble up)
Let the sweetness (bubble up)
Let the realness (bubble up)
Let the honest (bubble up)

Sometimes it's murky
Sometimes it's sweet
Let it be real
Let it be me

Bubble up